Laboratory open days at Natural History Museum

 In the framework of the WP2i  "Laboratory open days", on 25. September 2015. has been organized the visit of the students from high school “Secondary Medical School” from Podgorica, to the exhibition “Montenegro in Mesozoic period” organized by Natural History Museum of Montenegro and NGO DIV, as a part of 5th Open Science Days, (21st - 25th September, 2015. Podgorica).

The students were introduced with the work of the Natural History Museum, with the accent on the LOVCEN project and involvement of NHM in the project, as well as about mosquitoes from Jura period to present times.

The total number of students, who were attending the lecture was 39, of the age between 15 and 17 years (from I to IV grade). The students were selected by the professors, from different filed of orientation: health, pharmaceuticals, social protection.