Fortcoming: 15th - 19th February - Participation in Second VectorNet Annual General Meeting

Activities on WP2d - Active participation of the applicant's research staff at international conferences.
Fortcoming: 22nd - 26th February - Training visit of researchers from FoA to BTF & IHMS
Activities on WP1f & WP2c - Agrometeorological indices; Comparison of agrometeorological indices and regional vulnerability to Aedes albopictus. Main goal is to make analysis of obtained results and design future numerical simulations related to assessment of climate change impact on future vulnerability of Montenegro and WB region to the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus).
Fortcoming: 11th - 16th April - Training visits of researchers from FoA to BTF
Activities on WP1e" & WP2c - Upgrade of basic knowledge of biocide use within Integrated Mosquito Control management in conjunction with Biocide Directive in EU. Possibilities of introduction of novel non-chemical, biodegradable materials for control of mosquito larvae. Principles of efficient larval control. Prerogatives for the best way for prevention and control of MBD outbreaks is control of vector mosquito. Application techniques and evaluation of the biological efficacy degree in relationship to the larval breeding sites and the juvenal stages that should be treated. Acquiring knowledge on environmentally safe products, selection of the none-chemical products, the rate timing and way of application in accordance with the breeding sites/potential of mosquito larvae seasonal production.