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Natural History Museum of Montenegro, Montenegro (NHM)

Trg Vojvode Bećir Bega Osmanagića 16, 81000 Podgorica.

Phone: +382 20 623 544; Fax: +382 20 623 933; e-mail:

The early development of the Natural History Museum of Montenegro dates back to in 1961. year after the Decree of the Government of Montenegro established Nature Collection. That same year founded the Institute for the Protection of Nature which is attached and Nature Collection

Public Institution Natural History Museum of Montenegro was established by a decision of the Parliament 4 April in 1995. ("Official. Gazette of RM" No. 12/95) Museum was incorporated on 20 November 1995. year following the initial staff, space, equipment and artifacts from the former Nature Collection of the Institute for Nature Protection.

Systematic exploration of natural resources; collection of natural history materials; the study of natural history materials; preservation of natural history materials; expert protection of natural history materials; professional and scientific processing of natural history museum objects; publication of results; collaboration with the University of Montenegro on education in the field of natural sciences; cooperation with institutions in the field of public information.